Creep Coins

We now offer the chance to earn rewards with every purchase you make at Undercover Otter!


With every 1 euro spent, you will get 2 Creep Coins from us and you can exchange these coins for discounts on your next order.


In addition to coins for purchases, you can get coins for creating an account on the site, liking our facebook page, following us on instagram, celebrating your birthday with us and by referring customers to Undercover Otter (who then get a 10% discount through your referral link). 


Creep Coins are a new feature on the site and we've added them because we want to show you guys some love as a thank you for supporting our small business.

You can access your Creep Coins account by clicking the button in the lower left corner of your screen.


Stay Awesome!



Creep Coins Questions

Q: Do I get coins for shipping?
A: No, we do not offer points over the shipping cost.

Q: Does VAT count towards Creep Coins?
A: No, all coins are rewarded on purchases excluding VAT.