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spinning & felting fibers

animal friendly

Undercover Otter builds their brand with love and respect for the animals (and plants) that provide us with materials to do our crafty magic. This means that our yarn is sourced from non-mulesing breeders and some of our bases are OEKO-TEX® Class I certified.

recycled water

We re-use 80% of all the water in our dye process by planning our dyebaths in sequence, using soak water for dyebaths and filtering all water before we re-use it for next dyebaths. Whatever water we do have to dispose of gets another filtering and is neutralized before we dispose of it.

reduced waste

Our packaging is made from sustainable and recycled sources like biodegradable PLA, FSC or recycled paper. Our boxes for shipping are re-purposed and we save packing peanuts, bubble wrap and air pockets to cushion our products with. Of course, we only re-use these if they are sturdy enough to do the job. We separate all our waste before it goes to the garbage processing facility.

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