Susperia - Custom Fiber Blend

Undercover Otter

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- 87,5% Merino
- 12,5% Tussah Silk

100 grams / 3,5 oz.

Inspired by the pink and purple vibe the Dario Argento classic Susperia oozes. Added Tussah Silk makes this a really great blend that will spin up in a soft lustrous yarn.

Our custom made fiber blends weigh 100 grams (3.5 oz) and have been designed by Undercover Otter specifically with spinners in mind. The color combinations and staple lengths have been selected by us for their ability to spin a soft and squishy thread. Of course the blends are also suited to use in felting projects and some uber chunky weaving.

These blends are non-superwash treated unless specifically stated otherwise. We advise you to hand wash finished objects with cold water only and to not agitate them too much while washing, or setting your spun yarn, unless you intend to felt.

If opted for vacuum shipping, fiber will be squished and send out flat. If sent as a parcel, we pack the fibers loosely in a beautiful white box with a see through window.