Speckled Rainbow - Schlock Mini Skein Set - Otter Pups

Undercover Otter - Pride 2021

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Fly some pride with this set of 8 Otter Pups (mini skeins)!

You all know Jack has been forcing pastels on Aiden in the past few months, and they did it again, by incorporating hot neon speckles into a set of pastel-tinted minis. 

All 8 of these colorways are brand spanking new and exclusively available in this mini-skein set.* 

In this set: 

  • Light grey with purple, blue, and charcoal speckles;
  • Toffee-brown with blue, aqua, and brown speckles;
  • Pastel coral with red, pink, and aqua speckles;
  • Pastel orange with orange, pink, and red speckles;
  • Pastel yellow with green, aqua, and orange speckles;
  • Pastel green with green, pink, and mint speckles;
  • Pastel blue with purple, blue, and green speckles;
  • Pastel purple with mint, charcoal, and purple speckles. 

This set is based on the Philadelphia Pride Flag.
The Philadelphia Pride Flag represents LGBTQ people of color, who historically were not always included in aspects of the mainstream gay rights movement. In addition to the original six stripes, this flag includes black and brown, symbolizing people of color. It was unveiled on June 8, 2017, at Philadelphia City Hall, and was designed by a small Philly-based PR agency.


Mini skein information:
Yarn base: Schlock sock
Fiber contents: 75% extra fine merino / 25% nylon
Weight per mini: 20 grams / 0.7 oz
Running length: 84 meters / 89 yards

Perfect for toes, heels, and cuffs on socks, or use them in a project that asks for magnificent mini skeins, like the Rainbow Relay by Yarnison (CW: Link leads to Ravelry pattern).

Our 2021 Pride-Month colorways are based on some of the colorful flags that make up the LGBTQI+ rainbow. 

Part of the proceeds from these colorways are donated to Transfuzia, an organization in Europe that supports and educates trans people, allies, and the general public. They are also the organization behind formulating legislation that’s inclusive of trans people. 

Large parts of Europe are still unsafe for LGBTQI+ people and Transfuzia is one of the organizations working on changing that.

*: We may start making these as 'regular' colorways in the future, but for now they are exclusive to this set only. 

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About Otter Pups

These cute little Otter Pups are just what you need to add some color to your amazing projects! They come in different flavors of yarn bases, so please check below which one you're snagging up.

Singularity Otter Pups:
Fiber Content: 100% Extra Fine Superwash Merino
Weight: 20 grams / 0,7 oz
Running Length: ~73 meters / 80 yards

Schlock Sock Otter Pups:
Fiber Contents: 75% extra fine merino / 25% nylon
Weight per mini: 20 grams / 0.7 oz
Running length: ~84 meters / 89 yards

Colors may slightly vary on every monitor due to settings. This means that the color may differ a little bit in real life from what you see on screen.

About Schlock Sock