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Rainbow Batt 201919 - Hand Carded Batt

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This batt contains the following fibers:

  • Merino
  • Stellina

Weight: 110 grams / 3,8 oz.


All of our hand carded batts are one of a kind. They have been carded by us for spinning purposes and may contain superwash fibers. We hand dye most of the fibers used, giving the batts depth and interest.

For batts that contain stellina (glitter fibers): you might not be able to see the glitters that well in the images. This is due to the focussing of our camera and it annoys the shit out of me. Trust me though, if your batt contains Stellina, it will glitter.

When selecting vacuum sealed as your shipping method, we will suck out all the air of your batt. We advise you to unpack the fibers as soon as they arrive to let them breathe and regain their fluff.

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