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Princess Bubblegum - Falkor DK Sparkle - Undercover Otter
Princess Bubblegum - Falkor DK Sparkle - Undercover Otter
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Princess Bubblegum - Falkor DK Sparkle


A Subtle pink with a bit of sparkly flair.

A thread of silver Lurex is spun into this yarn, giving it a really nice sparkle. Lurex takes up some of the dye, which means it has some color to it. Lurex sparkle is not scratchy and very much fit for next to skin items. Check the close-up detail to see the Lurex sparkle thread.

For this Non-Superwash-centric update, we stared at one of our favorite animated shows for inspiration. Yeah baybeeeee, it's Adventure Time.

 Recipes have not been written down for these beauties, so when they're gone, they really are gone.

Falkor DK

One of the softest merinos I've ever laid my hands on. This beautiful 2-ply, non-superwash yarn takes dye in a velvet vibrancy that I just can't get enough of. Working with this soft and squishy yarn is like riding your own luck dragon through the skies of Fantasia.

Our Falkor base is a perfect match for pretty much every project that requires a next-to-skin soft yarn. Thanks to the non-superwash properties, this yarn still has the ability to stick to itself. This means it works for colorwork, steeking patterns, and brioche projects like a dream.

Non-Superwash yarns tend to take colors in a more toned-down fashion, which is why some colorways may seem lighter on them than on their superwash-treated cousins.

Fiber contents

100% Falkland Merino (non-superwash) (Falkor)
96% Falkland Merino (non-superwash), 4% Lurex Sparkle (Falkor Sparkle)

Weight per skein 100 grams / 3.5 oz
Running Length 240 m / 262 yds
Yarn Type

DK weight

This listing is for 1 skein of yarn. Photo of multiple skeins shows a comparison between yarn bases and/or skeins.

Colors may slightly vary on every monitor due to settings. This means that the color may differ a little bit in real life from what you see on screen.


All purchases of 5 skeins or more are eligible for a 5% discount using discount code: SIZEUP

As a fat fabulous creature, I (Aiden) know how hard it can be to source enough yarn to make myself a sweater. What takes the 'average' person 4 - 5 skeins, takes me at least 6 and usually around 8 skeins. (I'm between a 134 cm / 54 inch torso circumference).
It makes knitting or crocheting garments with hand dyed yarn a pretty costly adventure, which is why I am now offering discounts for yarn quantities that are above average.

This discount applies to all of our hand dyed yarns (that are not on sale), and can be combined between bases and colorways. You could make that top that uses a bajillion colors, or just pick the skeins for a single color project.

I'm not plus size. Can I use these discount codes?
We will not police purchases and I will not exclude people from this discount based on their size. Hell, I encourage everyone who wants to use these codes for their 5+ skein purchases to use it. The economy is tight enough as it is and society already does enough excluding, no need for me to tack on some more.