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These Otter Romps came back with us from Woollinn in Dublin and are Ready to Ship!

Use these bright neon pups for the amazing new pattern that Jane Murison (a.k.a. Yarnison) has just launched: Rainbow Relay. This pattern takes just one 100 gram skein of fingering weight yarn and as many mini skeins as your heart desires.

Check out the beautiful FO Yarnison is gracefully showing off in the second image! The 8 Otter Pups are being used as the contrast for the main color (Grey Skies in Manchester) by Countess Ablaze.

In this set of otter pups:

- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Citadel;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Nilbog;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Toxie;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Your Mother Darns Socks in Hell;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Leviathan;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Slumber Party;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Diabolique;
- 1x 20 gram Otter Pup in Screaming Satsuma.

The pattern that has me addicted to knitting again. It's simple enough to spend an hour knitting away on it and it's varied enough to give it your own twist. While knitting I started with her 2nd variation (there are 3 pre-made variations included in the pattern) and my mind started racing with options beyond the 3 given. This is the pattern that made me figure out how math works and where I can add some little extra's if wanted. All thanks to Jane's work.

Basically Rainbow Relay is 3 patterns for the price of 1, with a recipe you can expand on yourself endlessly. Seriously, it's like crack.

You could also use them for whatever memory blanket, fade, marl or scrappy adventure you want to go on. We don't judge!

(Actually  I'm plotting a marled mania with these as my body colors... Nice and subtle right?)

Fiber contents: 100% extra fine merino (superwash)
Weight per skein: 100 grams / 3,5 oz
Yarn Type: Fingering / Sock
Running Length: ~400 meters / 437 yards
A 100% merino superwash powerhouse for the softer things in life. This yarn knits up perfectly for garments and other next to skin soft items.

We advise against using this yarn for socks!