Neon Rainbow - Trilobal Fiber Set

Neon Rainbow - Trilobal Fiber Set

Undercover Otter

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Set of hand-dyed 100% trilobal (nylon) fiber in 7 Neon Rainbow colors.
10 grams of each color per set:
  • Screaming Satsuma;
  • Nekromantik;
  • Slumber Party;
  • Leviathan;
  • Toxie;
  • Your Mother Darns Socks in Hell;
  • Nilbog.


  • 70 grams total per set

Trilobal is a man-made nylon base that has an intense sparkle. It's super soft and makes a very strong thread. The staple length is medium, making it a bit of a challenge to spin for beginning spinners. 

I use Trilobal a lot as an extra in my hand-carded batts or rolags. It adds a bit of shine in vivid colors and makes for a great addition to any spinning project.

I made the rolags in the picture below with a braid of grey/white superwash merino and using just 3 grams of every color of Trilobal and a smidge of stellina. A little bit of this fiber goes a long way.

This fiber is fit for spinning, NOT for felting.

No animal products were used in the production of these fibers (aka: they are vegan friendly).