Ladygarden - Singularity

Ladygarden - Singularity

Undercover Otter

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A soft pink that reminds us of pastels and summertime.

We came up with the name between some laughing fits thanks to a documentary we watched about feminism and the taboo around the female reproductive organ. At a certain point in the documentary, they discuss the ridiculous of some of the euphemisms used for it and, well, let's say 'Ladygarden' was one of the least weird ones. 

About Singularity

A single-ply superwash 100% merino yarn with a subtle halo. Soft and luscious to the touch and definitely made for wearing. Works beautifully in shawls and garments.

We advise AGAINST using this base for socks! Single-ply yarn is not sturdy enough to be worn on high-impact areas like feet.

Fiber contents 100% extra fine superwash merino (Singularity)
95% extra fine superwash merino / 5% Silver Stellina (Singularity Sparkle)
Weight per skein 100 grams / 3,5 oz
Running Length 366 meters / 400 yards
Yarn Type Fingering weight / 4-ply


This listing is for one (1) skein of yarn. Photo of multiple skeins shows a comparison between yarn bases and/or skeins.

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