Deadite - Singularity

Undercover Otter

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Evil Dead is where my love for horror started. And the original from 1981 (my birth year!) still reigns supreme on my list of all time favorites.
Reluctant hero Ash Williams fights dark forces and demons that posess those near to him. Once posessed, you'll get referred to as a Deadite. And you'll more than likely ooze some disgusting green goo when Ash hits you with his boomstick.

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Fiber contents: 100% extra fine merino (superwash)
Weight per skein: 100 grams / 3,5 oz
Yarn Type: Fingering
Running Length: ~366 meters / 400 yards
Needle Suggestion: 2 - 3 mm / US 0 - 3

A single ply superwash 100% merino yarn with a subtle halo. Soft and luscious to the touch and definitely made for wearing. Works beautifully in shawls and garments.