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Undercover Otter

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These are the last sets of postcards I designed in 2011. The unobtrusive text on the back is outdated, which is why I'm offering these sets for a discounted price.

A set of 6 colorful postcards featuring pictures taken by yours truly at the beach of an old gas pump, derelict piano and other awesome objects I found. I'm a Lomographer and use analogue photography. The outcome is very surprising at times!

These pictures where shot on a rainy day at the beach in Zandvoort with a Lomo Diana and a Diana Mini. The 2 full shots of the pump are shot with a method so the image also goes onto the 'sprockets' of a roll of film. This is how I achieved the little holes in the top and bottom, the red and yellow stripes are normally used by machines to process the film.

In this set:
2 cards of a old gas pump and a surfboard
2 cards featuring a close up of the inner workings of the pump
1 card featuring a double picture of the lettering on the wall
1 card featuring an old weathered piano

These cards are perfect as postcards for post crossing or a birthday, or just because you want to send your aunt a cool card every now and then. The back of the cards is purposely as blank as possible. This way you could also use it as a little love note to your partner or have the card accompany a great gift for a friend!

The cards are printed on 350gsm, sustainably sourced paper with a glossy laminate finish on the image side. The other side is lightly coated with a satin finish. At the bottom of the back there is a unobtrusive line of text with copyright stuffs.