Quantity Discounts

As a fatfabulous creature, I (Aiden) know how hard it can be to source enough yarn to make myself a sweater. What takes the 'average' person 4 - 5 skeins, takes me at least 6 and usually around 8 skeins. (I'm in the range of a 134 cm / 54 inch torso circumference).   
It makes knitting or crocheting garments with hand dyed yarn a pretty costly adventure, which is why I am now offering discounts for yarn quantities that are above average.  
Skein Quantity Discount Code % Discount
6+ SIZEUP6 7%
8+ SIZEUP8 10%
These discounts apply to all of our yarns, and can be combined between bases and colorways.You could make that top that uses a bajillion colors (looking at you Soldotna), or just pick the skeins for a single color project   'I'm not plus sized, can I use these discount codes anyway?  Yes!    I'm not going to police purchases and I will not exclude people from this discount based on their size. Hell, I encourage everyone who wants to use these codes for their 6+/8+ skein purchases, and save some money in the process, to use them.  The economy is tight enough as it is and society already does enough excluding, no need for me to tack on some more.