Custom Fiber Blends

Our Custom Fiber blends weigh 100 grams / 3.5 oz per braid (usually they are a little over that) and have been designed by Petra specifically with spinners in mind. The color combinations, breeds of animals, buildup of fibers and staple lengths have been selected by her for their ability to spin a soft, squishy and durable thread. The blends are also suited to use in felting projects and some uberchunky weaving.

These blends are non-superwash treated unless specifically stated otherwise. We advise you to hand wash finished objects with cold water only and to not agitate them too much while washing, or setting your spun yarn, unless you intend to felt.


  • 100% Merino

This beautiful soft blend will be your best friend while you roam the post-apocalyptic wastelands. Rock out on some great 50's tunes while you spin some amazing yarn.

*Pip-Boy excluded, but hot damn does it look cute in this picture!


Inspired by the pink and purple vibe the Dario Argento classic oozes. Added Tussah Silk makes this a really great blend that will spin up in a soft lustrous yarn.

Fiber contents:
87,5% Merino
12,5% Tussah Silk

The Thing

Inspired by John Carpenter's stunning tale of paranoia, isolation and sci-fi horror, we based this blend on the iconic movie posters for The Thing. A soft and durable mix of pearly white and vivid blues make this an interesting blend. The added Bamboo gives this blend a smooth and lustrous look.

Fiber contents:
- 85% Merino
- 15% Bamboo   

The Thing (Glitter)

After the first run of The Thing we decided to glam it up and get the next batch with some icicle blue sparkle added! Gotta love that glacier feel!

Fiber contents:
- 82,5% Merino
- 12,5% Bamboo
- 5% Stellina

The Battery

The best zombie road movie that has ever been made has to be The Battery. It's a low-budget movie that reminds me of Kerouac meets Walking Dead. The dialog is amazing, the story gripping and I knew I had to base a blend on this amazing movie.

Fiber contents:
- 93% Merino
- 7% Mulberry Silk

Not of this Earth

This chartreuse, pink and greenish yellow fiber is so soft and squishy it really does feel like it's from another planet!

Fiber contents:
- 87,5% Merino
- 12,5% Bamboo

Not of this Earth (Glitter)

This chartreuse, pink and greenish yellow fiber is so soft and squishy it really does feel like it's from another planet! This version of Not of this Earth is laced with golden stellina sparkles instead of bamboo.

Fiber contents:
- 95% Merino
- 5% Gold Stellina

Come Get Some

Inspired by the man, the myth, the mayhem causing, chainsaw wielding department store clerk I've loved since I first saw horror classic The Evil Dead. Beautiful chocolate browns and faded denim colors combine into a soft and lustrous fiber.

Fiber contents:
- 40% Merino
- 40% Baby Alpaca
- 20% Bamboo    

Witchy Business

I wish every season was Halloween season! I love the colors of Halloween. This blend features bold orange, purple and black stripes making a soft and squishy scarefest.

Fiber contents:
- 83% Merino
- 17% Tussah Silk   


Inspired by The Creature from the Black Lagoon this murky blue and green blend of fibers is soft enough to cuddle and sturdy enough to make a great yarn.

Fiber contents:
- 78% Merino
- 15% Bamboo
- 7% Mulberry Silk

Screaming Satsuma

This vibrant blend is the custom version of our Screaming Satsuma colorway you can already find in our Squirm Sock base. It's neon - burn your retina's - bright and super soft thanks to the addition of Superfine Merino and silky smooth bamboo. The added BFL makes this a great fiber for beginning spinners, thanks to the longer staple length.

Fiber contents:
- 37,5% Merino
- 25% Superfine Merino
- 25% Blue Faced Leicester
- 12,5% Bamboo