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One of a Kind colorways are what they say on the tin: One of Kind colorways. We do not write down the recipes for them and in most cases they will not return to the shop. If you want to make sure you snag up a one of a kind colorway, do it as soon as they hit the shop.

If you've acquired yarn or fibers from us that carry the 'Igor' name, congratulations! You're the owner of a one of a kind Colorway! We name our one-off experiments and unique dye lots 'Igor' out of our love for the clan of Igors that hail from Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

May Queen - Singularity Sparkle


Larceny - Singularity


Ginger Snaps - Singularity Sparkle


Short and Stout - Silky Sparkle Lace (Non-Superwash)


Igor 027 - Gnarly Marly DK


Gill-Man - Squirm


Hydra - Singularity Sparkle