Screaming Satsuma (microspeckles) - Mighty Merino 2.0

Undercover Otter

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Fun fact: This is the first colorway I made that I was actually content with and it kickstarted Undercover Otter as a brand.

This neon-bright coral is both orange and pink, and can't be ignored.

As visible in the close-up shot, this batch of Screaming Satsuma has microspeckles on it in pink and orange. This happens at times when pigments 'break' during the heat setting process of dying. It's one of those effects that gives hand-dyed yarns their charm.

About Mighty Merino 2.0


A 100% merino superwash powerhouse for the softer things in life. This yarn knits up perfectly for garments and other next-to-skin soft items. This version replaces our old Mighty Merino base but has the same characteristics. It takes the dye very vividly, is soft, smooth, and comes in slightly shorter wound skeins.

Fiber contents 100% extra fine superwash merino
Weight per skein 100 grams / 3,5 oz
Running Length 400 meters / 437 yards
Yarn Type Fingering weight / 4-ply


We advise against knitting socks with this yarn. While a merino yarn consisting of 4 plies can be used to knit socks, they will quite probably wear out faster than sock yarns with added nylon, or made out of BFL.

This listing is for 1 skein of yarn. Photo of multiple skeins shows a comparison between yarn bases and/or skeins.

Colors may slightly vary on every monitor due to settings. This means that the color may differ a little bit in real life from what you see on screen.

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