Flesh and the Fiends - Crites Kidsilk - Undercover Otter

Flesh and the Fiends - Crites Kidsilk

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Flesh and the Fiends was developed for the 2019 Edinburgh Yarn Fest. This creamy based yarn is laden with colorful streaks that remind me of the beautiful houses and shop fronts in Edinburgh city center.

Heads up: These skeins weigh 50 grams!



About Crites Kidsilk:

Frivolous and Furry. Some delicious Kid Mohair and Mulberry Silk to spice up your knits. I love using this base in bold colors for shawls and other garments. Intricate lacework gets an extra dimension and you can always add a little bit of Kidsilk to your knitwear for that extra OOMPH!

Fiber contents 72% Mohair, 28% Silk
Weight per skein 50 grams / 1,7 oz
Running Length 400 meters / 437 yards
Yarn Type Lace


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