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Sci-Fi Otters - Stickerpack

Sci-Fi Otters - Stickerpack

By Undercover Otter

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We've dressed up out Otter Logo in 12 different outfits, divided over 3 sets of 4 stickers each. Collect them all and get sticky with them. 

This set of 4 contains the Undercover Otter Mascotte dressed up as four iconic Sci-Fi stars:

  • T-800 (Terminator)
  • Xenomorph (Alien)
  • Yautja (Predator)
  • The Thing (The Thing)

Stickers come in a pack of 4 and have an average size of around 14 cm's (1.18") in diameter. Stickers are printed in beautiful full color using UV stable inks onto a durable heavy-duty vinyl with a strong adhesive backing. 


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