Green & Grey - Hand Dyed Fiber

Undercover Otter

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  • Moody greens and greys;
  • Dyed in a short repeat;
  • Fit for fractal spinning;
  • One of a kind dyebath.

About this blend:

  • 70% 23micron Superwash Merino
  • 30% Nylon Top

  • 100 gram (3.5 oz) braids

    This blend of fibers is perfect for spinners who want to have a twirl at making their own sock yarns. The 70/30 blend of superwash merino and nylon make for a soft sturdy spin. The added nylon also makes the merino have a slightly longer staple, which is great for starting spinners.

    These braids are superwash treated and not fit for felting projects.