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Not the Bees - Merino Sport

Not the Bees - Merino Sport

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This colorway is my attempt at a perfect vibrant yellow that has the oomph of being uv-reactive, and holds the warmth of a flaming wicker man.

It balances between Giallo and Nilbog and I love it. Much more than Nick Cage loves bees (or so I assume, please don't come at me Mr. Cage).

About this Base


This is a 100% Extrafine Merino sport weight yarn that has been superwash treated. The yarn consists of 2 plies, twined together into a distinct yarn that gives a crisp stitch definition. 

Merino Sport is a 'one and gone' base that we will not be restocking.
All skeins in one colorway are from the same dyebath.

Fiber contents 100%  Extra fine Superwash Merino
Weight per skein 100 grams / 3.5 oz
Running Length ~280 meters / ~306 yards
Yarn Type

Sport Weight

Due to they way the mill processed this batch of Merino Sport, skeins may differ in texture from springy to non-springy.

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