Igor 023 - Gnarly Marly DK

Igor 023 - Gnarly Marly DK

Undercover Otter

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When Misery and Doctor Phibes get together, this is what happens.

We name our one of a kind experiments and unique dye lots 'Igor' out of our love for the clan of Igors that hail from Terry Pratchetts Discworld. They are unique clorways that are bound together by being their own little quirky islands of color.

Recipes do not get written down for Igors, so when they're gone, they really are gone.

About Gnarly Marly DK

This listing is for 1 skein of yarn. Photo of multiple skeins shows comparison between yarn bases and/or skeins.

Colors may slightly vary on every monitor due to settings. This means that the color may differ a little bit in real life from what you see on screen.

Gnarly Marly DK:

This ridiculously fun 2-toned yarn base is made with 100% Highland Wool (27 μm). It is a coarser yarn that will soften over time. One of the plies is white and the other one alternates between white and black, giving the yarn a playful and marled look, without turning into bakers twine.

Gnarly Marly is a perfect match for pretty much every project that requires a sturdy yarn. Thanks to the non-superwash properties, this yarn still has the ability to stick to itself. Which makes it perfect for colorwork, steeking patterns and brioche projects.

Non Superwash yarns tend to take colors in a more toned down fashion, which is why some colorways may seem lighter on them than on their superwash treated cousins.

Fiber contents 100% Highland Merino (NON SUPERWASH!)
Weight per skein 100 grams / 3.5 oz
Running Length 200 meters / 218 yards
Yarn Type

DK Weight / 8-ply / CYC: 3 - Light

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