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If you do not want to see what we've come up with for the Westknits Yarn A Long 2017, stop reading now!


The image above is a black & white version of the 3 colors that we designed together with Stephen West for the July installment of the annual Westknits Yarn A Long.


It was a treat to be in cahoots with Stephen on this project. After some creative brainstorming he knew which way he wanted to go with the...

Westknits Yarn A Long 2017!

Westknits Yarn A Long 2017!

Undercover Otter is proud and honored to be one of the 3 selected hand dyers for this years round of the Westknits Yarn A Long!

We’re dyeing up a storm together with the wonderful Layla from Qing Fibre and Anke at GarnStories to bring you amazing colorways that are inspired and curated by Stephen West. Stephen will be adding another touch of his magic in the form of a unique pattern that accompanies every set of yarn! It’s so exciting to be part of this and...