Studio Remodeling

Posted by Petra Sielias on

Our studio is currently being remodeled. Due to having to upheavel everything (yes... EVERYTHING) we can't guarantee that all orders are shipping out in time this week.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience and we will definately be making it up with everyone who orders somethig this week!

We will be shiping out orders as soon as possible and no later than Friday the 12th of October.

If you've seen our studio, you know we share the building it is situated in with a number of other creative businesses. Our studio is one of over 20 companies in the building and all units are set up in a pretty open way. Meaning there are little to no floor to ceiling walls. 

That's changing in our studio, as we need to be able to dye (and make noise) all day, every day. So we're getting our walls up all the way to the ceiling. This is taking longer then we anticipated due to some building management shenanigans. The original plan was to take 3 days, but we're on day 5 at the moment.

Right now it looks like we'll be done remodeling on Wednesday evening and can put everything back in its place on Thursday.

Thanks for understanding!

Stay Awesome,