If you do not want to see what we've come up with for the Westknits Yarn A Long 2017, stop reading now!


The image above is a black & white version of the 3 colors that we designed together with Stephen West for the July installment of the annual Westknits Yarn A Long.


It was a treat to be in cahoots with Stephen on this project. After some creative brainstorming he knew which way he wanted to go with the color palette for our yarn and that's when we unleashed our inner mad professor and started experimenting.


The end results are 3 beautiful, exclusive, colorways that 500 of you lucky Yarn A Long-ers have received, or will recieve in the upcoming week, together with some smashing Westknits goodies.

In the picture below, from left to right:

  • Lobstrosities: A Deep coral red with hints of orange and pink. It's very bright and super warm in hue and it was a true pain in the butt to photograph this colorway. We wanted to create a semisolid that really captures the essence of enjoying warm summer nights with friends (and your favorite knitting projects!)
  • Plan 9 (from outer space): The summer child of the 3 colorways. With it's bright hot pink, day glow orange and dark grey speckles this colorway makes us want to go to the beach. And we don't even LIKE the beach!
  • Amsterdamned: Moody dark steel blue, like the canals of Amsterdam, which inspired this beautiful dark colorway. This color reminds us of walking around in the city center of Amsterdam during sundown in the summer. When it's just warm enough to take a stroll and admire our beloved city.


Then the pattern Stephen designed for these 3 colorways... He kept it secret for a bit, which we love, cause that means we get to be surprised together with all of you guys! And my GAWD has he surprised us! We can almost not believe how friggin' beautiful this pattern is (and yes, we have cast on a version of it already).

Stripified, to us, is a true Stephen West design. Just like the other designs in this years Yarn A Long it features stitches and techniques that makes you look at a project and go 'that's a Stephen West design isn't it?'. Stephen's magic also makes the colorways look classy (which I think is quite a feat since they are 'burn your retina' bright at some points) and sophisticated, while staying playful and light. But enough of my rambling, see for yourself in these amazing images:

 We are beyond grateful that we were asked to be the July colorways for this years Westknits Yarn A Long. It was an adventure and if it's up to us, we'll definitely be collaborating again in the future.

(all finished pattern images used with permission and are copyright Stephen West / Westknits)

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