In case you missed it, May is Zombie Awareness Month. So I'll be making you guys aware of some of the amazing (and horrible) zombie films that are out there.⁣

Why is this in May? Because a lot of the zombie movies out there take place in that month, and it's become the (unofficial) month for this specific type of creeper.⁣

I'll be dividing the zombies into three categories per film:⁣

  • Risen
  • Infected
  • Magic

Risen types are the ones that seemingly without any reason come up out of their grave (Night of the Walking Dead). ⁣

Infected are the ones that have caught a bug or are genetically mutated/engineered and just won't die (The Walking Dead).⁣

Magic are the zombies that are either brought back to life by necromancers or other forms of magic. ⁣

Hold onto your brains, cause I've selected some real 'gems' for the upcoming weeks!⁣

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