Petra Sielias store news


The days of dyeing in our 8 square meter side room are going to end pretty soon and we are super psyched about the new space. Next to 20 square meters of dye studio we will have full access to a kick-ass Makerspace! That means we can go all out with all the weird ideas we've had with lasercutters, 3D printers, woodworking and other shenanigans.

First things first though, which in this case is Edinburgh Yarn Festival. We have been dyeing up a storm for Stephen & Penelope, who will be taking our Squirm Sock and Singularity yarn with them to Scotland.

Between dyeing those skeins and moving the studio we have little time to produce for the online shop. To make moving easier, that's why we've decided to close the shop until we re-open in March.

If you want to stay updated on exactly when we re-open, follow us on Instagram, or sign up for the newsletter.


While we're closed, you can in fact still buy Gift Cards. These are sent to you directly in the form of a digital code.


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