Dyed to Order

...including thát.
If by thát you mean custom dyeing whatever amount of yarn you want in whichever repeatable colorway we carry at Undercover Otter.

Our new studio is starting to feel like home and since we have more space and time available, we opened up our Dyed to Order page on the website! We offer all of our currently repeatable colorways on our most popular bases.

On the product page you can select the base you want, the number of skeins and the colorways you want us to dye them.

After that you check out like normal and we add your order to our dye queue.

Pro Tip: Quantity Discount codes are valid on dyed to order purchases.

Fine print: it may take up to 14 days for your order to be dyed and shipped, depending on where in the dye queue your colorways are located. This is because we dye colorways in sequence, to save as much water and energy as possible. If you order ready to ship items together with your dyed to order skeins, the entire order will be shipped out once all your yarn is ready to ship.

Clickety click for our Dyed to Order page

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