COVID-19 / Corona Virus & order fulfillment

Due to the self-quarantine in the Netherlands, we will not be shipping out orders regularly until at least April 6th of 2020.

I (Petra) am chronically ill and immunocompromised. In normal situations my conditions are manageable, but with COVID-19 spreading, going outside to fulfill orders can quite literally be a case of life or death. Undercover Otter is pretty much run by just me, meaning I am the one who has to travel by public transport to fulfill orders, which is a risk I'm not willing to take with my health.

In that light, I would like to urge everyone who doesn't have to venture into the outside world to self-quarantine. Please help other stay safe by keeping yourself safe.

We are keeping the webshop open since, quite frankly, this is our sole source of income.

We will begin fulfilling orders after April 6th.


Thanks for understanding.

- Petra


This date may change, and we will keep you updated on any changes through the website.

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