Combined Shipping during Covid-19

We are offering the combining of unshipped orders during the Covid-19 outbreak.

How to know if your order is shipped? Check the 'Order Status' link you've gotten in the order confirmation email. If there is no tracking number on your status page, that means the order hasn't been shipped yet.

You can also check if you have received a shipping confirmation email from us. If not, the order has probably not been shipped yet.

So, have an open order and want add something to it? Just place your order as usual, and let us know in the 'Special instructions for seller' box if you want us to combine it with your open order.

This also applies to Clan of Igors! Have a May subscription and want to add something? just leave a comment in the note to seller box so we can put them into the same parcel!

Shipping overcharges will be refunded to you.

If you want to combine purchases with your What's In the Box-Box, let us know too. But be aware that this means your Box and the order won't be shipping out until August 2020.

For Non-European customers, for which shipping is on hold, this means we'll collect your orders and send them to you in one parcel once it is safe to do so. They just get to hang out in the studio a bit longer.

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