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Battshit Crazy

When I decided to make a dent in the stock of fibers we have I was optimistic. I mean, who doesn't love some hand dyed spinnable (or feltable) goodness!  

After dyeing a ton of roving (which you can find on the site) I decided to dust off my drum carder and make you all some delicious batts.

Which I did and I've just popped them online for you to have a look at and maybe even snatch one or two of them up.

I'll let you in on a secret though: I am never again carding batts for the site.

As much fun as it is, it's taken sooooo much time and elbow grease to dye the fibers, combine them into batts, card them and photograph every single one of them. Every single one Petra? Yes. Because even if the fibers and colors are the same, every batt comes off the carder looking unique.

So there you have it. Undercover Otter's once and never again Battshit Crazy carding adventure.

If you snag up some fiber, don't forget to use discount code MERRYFIBRESHARE for a 15% discount!

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