Now that we've properly started dyeing in our new studio it is about time we did an online shop update don't you think?

We wanted to get some creative juices flowing, which is why we've made this shop update all about one of a kind colorways.

We name our one of a kind experiments and unique dye-lots 'Igor' out of our love for the clan of Igors that hail from Terry Pratchetts Discworld. Igors are unique colorways that are bound together by being their own little quirky islands of color.

We've dyed up a storm on 4 new yarn bases; NeverMoor, Falkor and 2 weights of Gnarly Marly. NeverMoor is a sturdy sock yarn, Falkor is so soft it's like knitting with butter and with Gnarly Marly you get a fun marled yarn that doesn't look like bakers twine. For those that prefer non superwash: Falkor and Gnarly Marly got you covered!


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