10% Kingsday Discount

10% Kingsday Discount

We are celebrating Kingsday in the Netherlands on the 27th of April. That coincides with local yarn shop day, so why not combine and celebrate both in one go?


In the 1880's us Dutchies weren't that keen on our royal family and the spin-doctors in government made up a celebratory day to get some popularity back, thus the predecessor of Kingsday was born.


In the past 100+ years it's grown into a holiday in which people have garage sales out on the sidewalk (normally that's not allowed), dance parties erupt from every street corner and a large group of our population will dress up in orange and make complete asses out of themselves. 


It's a day I personally prefer to spend hiding inside, with some knitting and a bad movie. Or 5. There are probably more of you who like to lock themselves in during festivities and that's why I want to celebrate with a sale.


So here you go: 10% off of all yarn & fibers during this Kingsday weekend! No codes needed, it's already worked into the price you see on the site. 


The sale runs for 4 days, starting Friday the 26th and ending Monday the 29th of April at midnight.

Currently on Sale:

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